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The FBC Media Group is the broadcast division of the Fellowship Bible Chapel in Columbus, Ohio. Fellowship Bible Chapel is a gathering of believers who hold fast to the teaching of Scripture, and who resist the temptation to reinvent, or reinterpret the very clear Word of God to fit a modern-day, permissive worldview. We hope you find our weekly message and second hour "Prophecy Update" to be useful for learning, for teaching and for defending our Christian faith.
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Feb 29, 2016

In the Book of Romans, Scripture speaks of a "mystery" (Strong's "mystḗrion" - Original Word: μυστήριον, ου, τό.) Unlike the popular perception, is it not something unknowable. Rather, it is what can only be known through revelation, i.e., because God reveals it.

As we study the Word of God and divide it correctly, we can discover His plan for those who would accept His free gift of Salvation and for the nation of Israel. God has specific plans for the Jewish People, and their land. Join Pastor Mike as he explores several intriguing passages of Scripture about Israel and her future in this week's message entitled "All Israel Will Be Saved."

Feb 29, 2016

The acceleration of world events, and the clear movement away from the Word of God has become alarming, even to those who study the warnings contained within Scripture. Information from all sources about prophetically significant world events is pouring in at unprecedented speed.

From the Pope's interference in American politics, to Russia's declaration that we may see the beginnings of the next world war in the Middle East, to the very real and very imminent move toward a cashless society, we are racing toward judgment and an event horizon that will test the faith of even the elect. But we rest assured that all of this has been foretold...and we are looking to the climatic return of our Lord and Savior to set things right again.

Join John as he takes us through a whirlwind journey looking at the the world economic crisis, the Vatican's wall and it's restrictive immigration policies, and the Syrian conflict, which has just about reached it's boiling point.

Stand strong. These are not times to be caught sleeping...but to be watchful as things play out as this chapter in history winds down.

Feb 29, 2016

What are the signs of Jesus return? Just to name a few:

Marrying and giving in marriage
The Days of Lot
The "Days of Noah
The prevalence of "itching ears"
The appearance of the "Son of Perdition
False teachers (aka, Joel Osteen)
Increased persecution of Jews and Christians around the world
Economic collapse
Plus many more.

All these events, combined with a move renewed move toward ecumenism have set the stage for heavenly fireworks very soon! In classic family road trip lore, the theological question remains "Are We There Yet?" Almost, kids. Almost.

In classic update style (since he is traveling this weekend), John brings us up to date on the state of the world in his latest update entitled "What a Mess."

Feb 26, 2016


One of the signs of the End Times is the warning from Scripture that God will send a strong delusion to confuse and cloud the minds of many on the earth who are not fully in tune with Him. Things that should be obvious to a thinking individual escapes their discernment, and men wrought with the love of power will mislead and deceive.

From the Catholic Church's practice of praying to dead bodies, to the Russian Deception, to the impending world back crisis and the constant barrage of criticism of Israel, indications of the massive coming delusion are already echoing throughout the world.

Do not be deceived. The Lord is preparing His return and unlike His first appearance on earth, He will not be "Baby Jesus, meek and mild." He will return as a conquering Messiah, holding all those who have rejected Him to account with swift and eternal judgment.

Feb 26, 2016

Unless you have been totally sleeping through your prophetic alarm clock, it is increasingly clear that the world is turning against Israel with increasing intensity and speed.

On one hand, many factions are calling for Israel to be pushed "into the sea" while others are calling for the much promised, but ever elusive "Two State Solution" which is believed to be the panacea of the peace process. Scripture is clear...the nations of the world will turn against Israel, yet she will prevail.

Join John as he takes us on a whirlwind journey exploring the burgeoning student debt load in America, the Zika outbreak in South America, Iran's increasing influence in the EU, and finally, the Word of God's warnings of things to come in the Middle East.

Don't hit the snooze button on this one...wake up, take heed and pay attention because our Redeemer is drawing near.

Feb 26, 2016

This week, John looks at Europe in 2030, the issue of factions of the United Methodist Church moving away from Biblical Truth, signs of a severe worldwide downturn in the economy and the growing anti-zionism sweeping the Middle East and Europe.

Spanning the Atlantic and spearheaded by American leadership, while the US has historically been a staunch ally of Israel, the recent political shift against the only Middle Eastern democracy comes at a steep price. Is God gradually removing His hand of providence from our country due to her leadership's meddling in the peace and safety of Israel?

Is it irony, or judgment that our US Diplomats took aggressive stances against Israel, blaming them for Palestinian terrorism early in the same week that a devastating Blizzard buried DC and the megalopolis of the East Coast?

Was it irony or judgement that during Bush 41's trip to Spain with Israel in the crosshairs that a Nor'easter that nearly destroyed his Kennebunkport compound?

Israel is the "Canary in the Coal Mine" when it comes to the fulfillment of prophecy. Join John as he goes in-depth on the state of the world in this week's update entitled "Anti-Zionism"

Feb 26, 2016

Scripture speaks of at least two distinct marks.

One in the Book of Ezekiel, the other in the Book of Revelation.

One is good, while the other is...well...not so good.

Both signify allegiance, one to the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and the other adversary who would be King.

Join John on an intense analysis of the Man Who Would Be King and his aspiration to become the UN Secretary General, a look at the Islamization of Europe (with a brief analysis from Bill Warner at plus a survey of the world economic crisis and much, much more.

The signs are clear, the warnings present, the stage is set. Which mark will you bear when the true King returns?

Mosaic magazine: Does Europe Have A Future?

Wall Street Journal: Europe’s New Medieval Map

Caroline Glick’s column: The Obama Administration’s Most Covert War

Caroline Glick’s column: Our World – In Pakistan They Trust

Link to the Video promoted by Carolyn Glick

Feb 26, 2016

Don't worry, "It's all OK!" - at least that is what the politicians and media are saying.  Mass Migration from the Mideast into a declining European population - what could go wrong? German women under mass sexual assault during News Years celebration, but the media doesn't want to say by who.  Media blames 'conservatives' - but what sort of  conservatives? Police shooting in Philly - The shooter says he did it for Isis, but Politicians say its not Islam.  - John says its not OK, and he straightens out the tangle of illogic being used to confuse.

Feb 26, 2016

One of the signs of of the End Times is not just a falling away from Biblical teachings, but a blatant twisting and distortion of God's Word.

In this fiery 90 minute plus Prophecy Update called "War on the Truth" John takes the false teachers to task with a passion that needs to be duplicated in pulpits and pews worldwide. False prophets are making inroads into the evangelical church and millions are being led astray by the nonsense that they spew.

From the Middle East, to politics, to heretics and even a special appearance by Jacob Prasch via video message, this week's Prophecy Update should be a wake-up call to any Christian who has been lulled into ignorance of what the Word of God truly says. If there ever was a message to share with someone who is caught up in a church that is straying from the narrow and true path, this is the one!

Jacob Prasch sermon (video): A Chink in the Armor

Jacob Prasch sermon (text): A Chink in the Armor

Jacob Prasch complete message (audio only)

Feb 26, 2016

Greetings to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world. At last count, these messages have been viewed in over 200 countries! We are amazed and humbled by your patronage and generous support of this ministry.

As the year draws to a close, John takes us on a journey recapping significant events of which every believer should take note. From ISIS to the Pope, this whirlwind tour sets the stage for the ultimate conflict and the return of Jesus Christ.

The members and attenders of Fellowship Bible Chapel want to sincerely thank you for your prayers as we look forward to 2016 with anticipating and a renewed hope. As long as the Lord tarries, we will continue to proclaim and defend His Word.

May God's Grace, Comfort and Blessing be overwhelmingly present in your lives during this upcoming year. May you find Peace in all circumstances, holding on to the promise that He is in control of all things.

Feb 26, 2016

From a Burka-wearing "Christian" Professor from Wheaton College, to racist dinners being served at Oberlin College, from a blasphemous rendition of a beloved carol by Hillsong, to Liquid Church's "Star Wars" message (complete with a nativity scene featuring Han, Leia, Chewy and R2D2), this week's update is both an advisory and a warning. Apostasy may already be in your church, and jihad is coming.

This week's core message is one reminding us to be vigilant on all fronts, both spiritually and physically. We must be prepared to defend the Gospel and call out false teachings emanating from America's pulpits, while also being observant and aware of your physical surroundings.

This warning struck close to home this past week on two fronts First, John personally witnessed a very physically fit male, dressed in a full ski mask, gloves and a t-shirt (it was 60 degrees in Columbus that day) taking multiple pictures of high rise buildings in downtown Columbus using his cell phone. Of course, being John, he followed and photographed this mystery man and notified the authorities. Second, he received a call from a contact in Southern California who had witnessed a group of 200-300 men walking down her suburban street. When she inquired as to what they were doing, they responded "we are claiming this neighborhood in the name of Allah."

There is no doubt that the President has kept one promise. "Fundamental Change" has come to America. The only remaining question is, how much more judgment is coming on America and the world before our Lord and Savior returns to claim His own?

Join John has he discusses these issues, and many others including the latest questionable actions by the Vatican on this week's update entitled "It's Time to Pay Attention"

Feb 26, 2016

It should be obvious to the majority whose eyes are open that we are likely not returning to the days where morality, discernment and common sense were attributes which were pursued with a purpose. It is sobering, yet amazing to consider the rapid downward spiral we are experiencing as a nation, as right becomes wrong, and wrong becomes right.

With American leadership making no bones about its bias in favor of Islam and against traditional Christianity, believers need to get used to this fact and deal with a new paradigm that Judeo-Christian beliefs and values are no longer held in high regard and those who support Israel are the real terrorists.

To the world and its rulers, we are the enemy, we are the extremists, we are the racists and we (and Israel) are the problem.

John takes us through a sobering examination of the state of the world in this week's update, "Get Used To It."

Feb 26, 2016

Delivered "Old School Style" John addresses the issues in the world in light of the San Bernadino terror attack.  

Feb 26, 2016

Since the "War to End All Wars", American leadership in the world has not only been a stabilizing force for peace but it has been a staunch protector of the Israeli people since she returned to her land in 1948. Now, however, things have drastically changed.

Current American leadership has weakened our economy, opened our borders, ransacked our military, abandoned our allies, lectured the American people and denigrated those who follow Christ. At the same time, they have bolstered our enemies, empowered renegade leaders, back-stabbed Israel and promoted Islam. Has our government lost its collective mind, or are we seeing the promised "falling away" that must happen before the end comes?

8 years ago, an unknown candidate for President promised his blind followers that "fundamental change (was) coming to America". For once, he has actually spoken truth.

Join John as he explores the new state of the world and the implications on believers worldwide in this week's update entitled "Things Have Changed."

Feb 26, 2016

Title slide has the wrong date. Sorry about that. This is the November 22, 2015 Prophecy Update.  

They claim to be Muslim, they quote the Quran, they claim their actions are in the name of the (false god) Allah, yet the progressive talking heads and liberal media types claim that none of the terrorist attacks were done in the name of a religious worldview, a movement that unashamedly admits that its ultimate goal is world domination.

"Convert or Die" is the calling card that is ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and many others leave behind everywhere it touches. And yet, world political leaders are turning a blind eye and ignoring this fact and in doing so, imperil the lives of the citizens they have sworn to protect.

Grab your duct tape and wrap your head tightly because this is not an "Obama Free" Sunday. The things being spoken by the "leader of the free world" and the supposed "heir-apparent" candidate are so outrageous and unbelievable, we had to show you instead of tell you. While it may be painful, it is necessary. There is a balm for moments like is the promise contained in the Word of God.

Logic and reason must be completely disregarded in order to lead from behind like this. Have we now passed the point of no return?