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The FBC Media Group is the broadcast division of the Fellowship Bible Chapel in Columbus, Ohio. Fellowship Bible Chapel is a gathering of believers who hold fast to the teaching of Scripture, and who resist the temptation to reinvent, or reinterpret the very clear Word of God to fit a modern-day, permissive worldview. We hope you find our weekly message and second hour "Prophecy Update" to be useful for learning, for teaching and for defending our Christian faith.
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Jul 13, 2015
2015 07 12 Dr. Randall Smith - Zechariah - Session 6

God has the ability to tame the wildest shrew. He did it for me, He’ll do it for Israel and he can do it for you.

Jul 13, 2015
2015 07 12 Dr. Randall Smith - Zechariah - Session 5

Long before you knew it, the Lord had His hand in your destiny.  Join Dr. Randall Smith as he explores God's relationship with you and plan for you in part 5 of 6 messages in his series on the Book of Zechariah at Fellowship Bible Chapel, July 11-12, 2015.

Jul 12, 2015

Welcome to Session 4 of Fellowship Bible Chapel's "Zechariah Seminar" with Dr. Randall Smith.  The Lord will perform His promises and pardon real repentance, but makes no deal on rejection.  He made plain the terms of the days ahead for His people and the world.  First, God called his people apart and explained that events to come are not a surprise.  Second, God warned His people how to avoid a Dead End.  Third, God made plain the terms of Prophetic Truth.  Listen, as we join Dr Randall Smith as he teaches from Zechariah in Session Four:  "Trust and the Truth".

Jul 12, 2015

Welcome to Session 2 of Fellowship Bible Chapel's "Zechariah Seminar" with Dr Randall Smith.  God uses people who recognize His voice, and then showed them the larger team he put together to do the work.  Recognizing His work in the spiritual world is essential to understanding the troubles of the physical world.  The Worldview of the believer is incompatible with that of the atheistic naturalist - for God's Word shares a completely different concept of the world and how it works.  Dr Randall Smith shared Ten foundational Principles to understand Biblical prophecy in Session Two:  "Laying Foundation Stones".

Jul 12, 2015

Welcome to Session 3 of Fellowship Bible Chapel's "Zechariah Seminar" with Dr. Randall Smith.  God uses a "test case" to demonstrate when the mourning over the past sin should properly turn into the celebration of present blessing.  God's Answer came to the men of Bethel in ten truths that would carefully lift the burden of the discipline and replace it with the rejoicing of a soul set free.  Listen in to Dr. Randall Smith's Session Three:  "From Weeping to Joy".

Jul 11, 2015

Welcome to Session 1 of Fellowship Bible Chapel's "Zechariah Seminar" with Dr. Randall Smith. God communicated through a variety of prophets in differing times.  What may seem repetitive is actually God offering counsel and direction to a variety of situations.  20 Old Testament books, the prophets, can be divided into four distinct eras over 528 years; Divided Kingdom, Judah Alone, Judah's Exile, and Post Exilic.  Dr. Randall Smith reviews how God communicated through these prophets in different ways during these four periods.  Let's join Dr. Randall Smith in Session One:  "Four Stages of Hebrew Prophetic Revelation".